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We are professional in trading electronic component
We are professional in trading electronic component

1. Layouts in Taiwan and China

We could offer the trading term with CIF Taiwan, Shanghai, Hong Kong, which depends on the request of our customers. We are flexible for delivering the goods, placing the orders and sending the samples for customer's need. Our efficiency response for product development and mass production management could always meet our customer's expectation.

2. Omnifarious services

In view of each different local customer group, we may accept NTD, USD and RMB 17% VAT for the transaction pattern to make customer's operation convenient.

3. Integrity technical supports

Brand of the IRITAC proxy attains the original factory's official authorization; therefore we can promptly feed back in the technical support, even the product development, and assist our customer to obtain the latest information.

4. Collect goods characteristic

Has relied on the industry foundation for so many years, IRITAC is expert in product of to the itself proxy, also understanding for PCB and other each item of active/ passive components. We could assist our customers to gather each item of electronic components for their need, and it achieves the effective purchasing, saving customer's valuable times of searching products and contacts.

5. Reasonable costs

IRITIC is glad to feed back the money we save from the cost of mass production to our customers. No matter the amount of your order is not a lot, we also could provide you the best price as the massive order. We'd like our customer could have the development and competitive ability, which create us altogether for double wins.

6. Fast responses

In this competitive market, the opportunity for every business needs the high efficiency response. This is our superiority service which we grasps. We will reply in 3 days after receiving customer's inquiry or the related demand.


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